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What is WRAPA

Women as a group in Nigeria, suffer a series of deprivation,discrimination and degrading practices in their private and public life. They are victims and survivors of different forms and expressions of injustices and are grossly underrepresented in decision making structures. Their capacity to access and own primary resources is limited by unequal opportunities in education, employment and violence leading to poor self-esteem. Access to justice for women to redress violations of their fundamental rights is hampered by poverty, ignorance, cultural/faith based inhibitions, cost and fear of bias or corruption in the administration of justice. Many women continue to suffer in silence. In 1999, and based on her professional background, the wife of the then head of state, Hon. Justice Fati L. Abubakar established the Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative, (WRAPA). The organisation seeks to advance and protect the rights of women as provided by national laws and policies, regional and international treaties and agreement through an integrated approach that entrenches respect for the human dignity of the woman as well as her inclusion in decisions that affect her life and the development of her community.



Women’s full enjoyment of human dignity, enhanced access to justice, and re dress for violations of women’s rights.



Actualising the legal rights of women, in private and public through mobilization, sensitisation and the provision of legal and support services.


WRAPA Objectives

To design, implement and monitor effective policies and programs that will foster the advancement of women.

To promote and protect all human rights of women.

To support women in difficult circumstances including victims of gender violence

To promote reform of discriminatory laws and policies against women.

To ensure women’s access to and improve their participation in power structures and decision making bodies.

To stimulate, and motivate women at the grassroots to achieve a better and higher standard of living.

To sensitise the public on the plight of the under privileged women.

Our Values


Passion and Conviction










Dialogue & listening stride