WRAPA Facilitates a two-day review meeting of the Gender & Accountability Project with Project Cohort Partners.

WRAPA Gender & Accountability review meeting

The Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA), facilitated a two-day meeting for the mid-term review of the Gender & Accountability Project with the Gender and Accountability Cohort partners which include; Advocacy Nigeria, Nigeria Women Trust Fund (NWTF), Women FM (WFM 91.7), Kebetkache, International Women Communication Centre (IWCC), The Civil Resource Development and Documentation Centre (CIRDDOC) and Women Advocates Research Documentation Centre (WARDC). The review meeting which was also used as an avenue to train baseline data coordinators, took place on the 29th– 30th of January, 2019 in Abuja, Nigeria with the support of the MacArthur Foundation.

The two-day review meeting was organized to assess project performance in terms of; effectiveness, efficiency relevance and sustainability. It was also organized to build capacity of data coordinators on skills required for the baseline survey as well as tools to be utilized during data collection. The review meeting deployed a participatory approach to ensure inclusiveness and active participation of the partners through presentations, interactive & breakout sessions.

The meeting was facilitated by the WRAPA Snr. Programme Coordinator, Anisah Ari. The welcome address was delivered by the WRAPA Secretary General, Hajiya Saudatu Mahdi (MFR), who in her address, regarded the Gender & Accountability Cohort partners as assets and the partnerships as the capital necessary for the achievement of the overarching goal of the project.

The performance of the partners in the past two quarters were reviewed  and analyzed and necessary measures for improvements and smooth sail in Quarters 3 and 4 were adopted. The project cohort partners were taken through the outcome mapping table to improve their understanding on how each organization’s individual work fits into the bigger picture of the MacArthur on Nigeria mission.

Communications, which is a crucial component of the project was also high on the agenda of the review meeting. The Communication strategies employed so far by the partners in their implementation of the project were reviewed and their effectiveness analyzed. Strategies, tools and techniques for the improvement of the communication bit of the project were adopted by partners after a thorough capacity building session.

The review meeting also featured a plenary session on ensuring the sustainability of the project beyond the grant from MacArthur Foundation. Initiatives such as; developing communiques and upholding laws that partners can continue to use to hold elected officers accountable, forging strong alliances with public commissions were explored.

At the end of the two-day review meeting, the project cohort partners were able to assess their performance as regards the implementation of the project, build their capacity and adopt more effective methods and strategies for the execution of the Gender and Accountability Project.

WRAPA holds Inaugural Planning Meeting for its Gender & Accountability Project with Project Cohort Members

Gender & Accountability Cohort

The Women’s Rights Advancement & Protection Alternative (WRAPA), held a two-day inaugural planning meeting from the 17th to 18th of July, 2018, for its Gender & Accountability project funded by the MacArthur Foundation, with the Gender & Accountability Project Cohort (GAP-C) which comprises seven (7) organizations namely; Advocacy Nigeria, Nigerian Women Trust Fund (NWTF), Kebetkache, International Women Communication Centre (IWCC), Women Advocacy Research Documentation Centre (WARD C), Civil Resource Development and Documentation Centre (CIRDDOC), Women FM (Wfm 91.7).

The Gender & Accountability project is an intervention necessitated by the absence of female voices in the demand for accountability, and in the fight against corruption. The project is a deliberate intention on the part of the funders, MacArthur Foundation to include the voices of women in the discourse. The Foundation has been supporting the women of Nigeria through various projects designed to empower women and access their entitlements in a democratic system of government. MacArthur Foundation has also in the past, worked with several members of the GAP-C. The Project Cohort (GAP-C)’’ and is being headed by WRAPA.

The meeting took place in Abuja, Nigeria ahead of the implementation of the project. The 7 cohort members were duly represented by their Executive Directors and project staff. The purpose of the two-day meeting was to provide a platform for the cohort members to familiarize themselves with: a) each other, b) activities that would be carried out by other members and how it fits into the big picture, c) parameters to ensure the successful execution and implementation of the project. The purpose of the meeting was also to ensure consolidation of clarity and commitment before the takeoff of the project.

The discussions at the meeting for the two days spanned across

  1. Project administration
  2. Project milestones
  3. Development of annual workplan
  4. MoU
  5. Reporting requirements
  6. Bilateral discussion on knowledge update grid
  7. Next steps.

Each member of the GAP-C made a brief presentation of the activities they would be engaging in under the umbrella of the Gender and Accountability project, states of implementation, beneficiaries and outcomes of their interventions.

The two-day meeting proved to be very resourceful as all member organizations of the GAP-C were able to consolidate clarity and commitment, and also improve their knowledge of the Gender and Accountability project.