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Legal Aid


Legal Aid and Counselling


Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA) works to promote and protect the rights of Nigerian women, whose lives are governed by three legal systems:customary, common, and Sharia. WRAPA offers Nigerian women a window of hope and upport when all may look or truly be down or lost. Its legal aid service delivery has received acclamation and is patronized by the weak and even the strong. Its positive track record and core values form the justification for the uptake of its services by Nigerian women and men.

Over the past 12 years, WRAPA has become a brand in rendering support, free and subsidized legal aid and counseling support to Nigerian women, families, and communities through various initiatives and strategies aimed at enhancing their overall living standards and empowering them to be productive family and community members.
From inception to December 2012 and with limited technical and financial resources WRAPA has extended conclusive legal aid services and counselling support as a core activity to over 10,000 vulnerable/indigent women, girls and families. In the last five years, the average requests for support and actual legal aid supported cases has risen from three a week to three a day at the
headquarters (15/week) and one a day in at least twelve States (60/week) adding up to an annual support to a minimum of 3,600 women and girls.


High impact indices include;

  •  Enhance documentation services that assist prosecution of cases
  •  In-house and external human rights counsels to process and represent women in courts and
    settlement agreements situations,
  • Follow up during or after interventions,
  • shelter/stay over facility for women and girls seeking temporary respite/protection from abusive environments,
  •  Watching briefs through structured engagement with police and judicial processes which  reassures clients and places a tacit check on institutions,
  •  Sundry needs for vulnerable or indigent clients.