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Happiness edet receives assistance from WRAPA

Happiness Edet is a Mother of 3 kids, and hails from akwa ibom state. Happiness had faced so many challenges in her marriage, some of which include; Wife battery, public insult, being deprived of basic assistance from spouse… generally gender based violence and then she came to WRAPA

At WRAPAwe are loudly against Gender Based Violence of all forms, so it was surely a case to catch our interest. Going forward, Happiness was further protected from all forms of violence and most importantly Happiness happens to be a tailor, so in a bid to make her independent for her to be able to cater for her kids, WRAPA awarded her with a sewing machine, sewing accessories and fabrics to enable her start the business of her choice.

Happiness was quoted as saying ” i came to WRAPA because i have heard so many good things about them, and i have tried a few other organizations to no avail. But at WRAPA , i was welcomed and they have been there for me since then and even up till now”.

This is Good news!, so please do not be silent about any form of Gender Based Violence as silence promotes the ill, but speaking out helps us in helping you.

Landmark Legislation on Gender Based Violence in Nigeria

WRAPA is a non-governmental organisation registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. Founded in March 1999, it is a membership Organization of men, women, and youth with over 32,000 registered members. WRAPA has intervened
and touched the lives of abused women in Nigeria, is a leading voice in the advocacy and campaign against Violence Against Women (VAW) in all its ramifications and serves as host and member of a Coalition; LACVAW. In 2004, WRAPA advocacy and public education on international law contributed to Nigeria’s ratification of the Protocol to the African Charter on the Rights of Women in Africa.

In partnership with the Gender Ministry, the Legislature and other NGO platforms, WRAPA is working towards Nigeria’s domestication of CEDAW and the domestication of the AU Women’s Protocol. WRAPA leveraged an existing platform, LACVAW coordinated by one of its projects, the Raising Her Voice project, which brings together a total of 18 organisations.


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Gender Equal Opportunities Bill (GEOB) Has Passed Second Reading in the Senate


The Gender Equal Opportunities Bill (GEOB) has passed second reading after intense advocacy. The GEOB is a bill that seeks to promote and protect the rights of everyone, especially women and girls. The bill ensures that both men and women have equal opportunities without any form of discrimination. If passed by the National Assembly, the Bill will also give effect to the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and the protocol to the African Charter on the rights of Women in Africa amongst others.

The bill passed second hearing at the Senate of the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on 30th September, 2016. The bill was re-introduced for its first reading on 25th June, 2016. It would be recalled that the Bill had failed the second reading stage on 15th March 2016 after some Senators observed that some of the Bill’s provisions were contrary to some of Nigeria’s traditional and religious practices.

A public hearing will be held on the GEOB on the 9th of December, 2016.

Phase three of Islamic Family Law (IFL) Project Commences.

The WRAPA Islamic Family Law project is being implemented with support from MacArthur Foundation to enhance the practice and application of Islamic Family Law in 7 of the 12 Shari’a States of North Western Nigeria; Kano, Kaduna Kebbi Katsina, Jigawa Zamfara, Sokoto.
The focus of the project is to ensure that Muslim women are aware of their rights as granted under the Islamic law and Shari’a as well as to ensure that they are educated about these rights.
Two phases have been implemented with a context of research, scholarship, dialogue and consensus building activities. The first sub theme was Documentation and Intervention Strategies (Phase I). The second sub was Evolving Institutional Frameworks for Consolidation and Sustainability (Phase II). The third phase Consensus Strategies & Tools: Improving Access and Protection in Islamic Family Law (Phase III) is the final phase of the project and it commenced in 2016.
Important tools developed from the initial phases of the project are ‘The Model Khutbah’ and other tools which include: consent of marriage form, marriage agreement. The third phase is aimed at spreading the Khutbah to 175 mosques which will hopefully have a ripple effect and spread even further than the project states.

The third phase is proposed to provide opportunity to test key assumptions that implementing tools drawn up to improve access to rights and increased protection from abuses.

A planning meeting was held on the 16th and 17th November, 2016 to this effect at Kaduna State. At the meeting, validation was conducted on the model Khutbah and the house also developed a plan for the execution of the final Phase of the intervention.
The third phase is expected to span over a period of three (3) years 2016 – 2019, after which the project can come to a successful ending.

16 Days of Activism – WRAPA joins the rest of the world to commemorate

Staff of WRAPA came stood out during the 16 Days of Activism to share their messages with the world.


The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence (GBV) is a global campaign to raise awareness about Violence Against Women (VAW) and its impact on a woman’s life; physical, mental, psychological, social, financial, and spiritual well-being. Human rights cannot be universal without protection and promotion of human rights for women and girls.

The 16 Days of Activism started on 25th November 2016 on International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and would come to an end on December 10th International Human Rights Day. These two dates highlight that violence against women is a violation against human rights.
Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA) has taken the mandate of joining this campaign and movement, as it is in line with the work we do and this is an opportunity to continue our work and join the international public as 16 days activism is a campaign initiative that is globally recognized and accepted.


Community members, organisations and also individuals are encouraged to coordinate or participate in an event to unite in the struggle to end violence against women.


However, at WRAPA, in line with our goal, we used this period to intensify the need for the protection and promotion of Women’s rights. The staff of WRAPA shot a video with strong messages that violence is not tolerated and not in our culture. It is important for everyone to join in the fight against GBV as it is not the job of Civil Society Organisation.


WRAPA also joined other campaigners on social media and audio-visual broadcast media platforms as we shared pictures, videos, and discussed to create awareness about the issues around Gender Based Violence (GBV), the consequences and how it can be curbed.


The WAPA team during 16 Days of Activism 2016

There is always time for a selfie

They want to world to know that violence is certainly not our culture